Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's get busy and work on this mess!

 Just a short list of some things that i have been thinking about that I need to change.

Procrastination-  I am terrible at putting things off and off and then off some more.  Things like paper-work... or my blog, or anything else that i don't feel like working on for whatever reason i have.
Negativity-  My negative attitude tends to cause me more problems than almost anything.  It's not entirely something i can control i don't think.  But i could learn some more coping skills for dealing with things that tend to make me negative.
Medication-  Why in the world is it so hard for me to remember to take my medication.  Or, why when I do remember, do i still put off taking them!  What the heck do i do that for?  I know it is important and yet i still think of reasons to put off taking them... or forgetting completely.

Communication-  Sometimes i forget to actually communicate how i am feeling.  Typically i am not aware when i do this.  But i know that i am quite capable of communicating.  I guess i just get stubborn sometimes.

What i have noticed about myself is that i do great at most things when i first start.  But then something happens.  Maybe i get busy and forget to do something.  Or my schedule changes and everything gets out of whack.  All it takes is that one incident.  Next thing i know my mind is like, why bother i already screwed up anyway.  What a goofy way to look at things, right?  Yet i do it anyhow.  It is so hard to overcome some of the simplest things.

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